Anyfin’ for a meal

A Coastguard officer in Portland Harbour, Dorset, caught two Chinese men who were trying to catch a stranded 4ft long and heavily pregnant smooth-hound shark after it became trapped in a tidal storm drain and was unable to return to the sea by itself. The two men apparently admitted they just wanted to cut off the fin to use in …

Give ’em a uniform

Around forty mourners watched in disbelief as a traffic warden issued a ticket to a funeral limousine when it stopped to let grieving relatives enter a church in Lewisham, England. When challenged by mourners, parishioners and even a passing bus driver, the traffic warden responded, ‘I am doing my job’.

Surely we’re not supposed to feel sorry for her

A lesbian housekeeper who falsely accused a Tory MP of trying to lure her into a threesome with his wife has claimed that her life has been ruined by the ordeal, adding that she lost her home, her job, and even had to sell her horses. The case against the South Dorset MP was dismissed at an employment tribunal after …

Cheap at twice the price

An interesting insight into the cost per game and cost per goal of the world’s most expensive footballers. The cost per goal from Ronaldo, for instance, is £402,010. On the other hand, the cost per goal from Andy Carroll is a mere £3,181,818. The figures are in an article entitled Does signing a Neymar, Falcao or Ronaldo guarantee success?

History rewritten

A protester heckled and interrupted a speech by US First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraising event causing the First Lady to throw a wobbly and state, “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.” The crowd, for some reason, urged Mrs Obama to stay, and the woman was …

Tea and biccies win the day

When half a dozen English Defence League supporters turned up to protest outside a small mosque in Bull Lane, York, they were greeted by around one hundred worshippers who offered them tea and biccies and invited them inside for a game of football.

Chasing the cheese

An estimated 3,000 people, some coming from the USA, gathered in Gloucestershire for the traditional cheese-rolling races on Cooper’s Hill. The unofficial event took place despite warnings from police that organisers could be liable for legal action in the event of an incident.

Oh yummy

The UN is urging people to farm and eat more insects in order to fight world hunger. Around two billion people worldwide apparently already supplement their diets with bugs, some being considered a delicacy and commanding high prices. See the article: UN urges world to eat more insects

Cyprus savers to be fleeced

The central bank of Cyprus has finalised the terms of the fleecing that Bank of Cyprus depositors holding more than 100,000 euros must suffer as part of an international bailout deal. These are that 37.5% of holdings above 100,000 euros will become bank shares, a further 22.5% will go into a ‘fund’ attracting no interest and may be used for …