Commando performance

Anne Hathaway should be busy revising her Christmas ‘wish list’ after her dramatic and revealing appearance at the premiere of her latest film, with ‘knickers’ at the top of the list. There is a useful phone app called ‘Remember the Milk’, maybe someone should make one for celebrities called ‘Remember the Knickers’. It has been widely described as a ‘wardrobe …

More like ‘long holiday’ than ‘life’

Anthony Judge, 35, was jailed for life after he admitted kidnapping a schoolgirl at gunpoint as she walked to her friend’s house before raping her twice in a motorway lay-by.  He must serve at least six years for the ‘horrific offence’ before being considered for parole.

And now we know

The Open University’s engineering department has, at the request of the BBC’s More or Less programme, fired up its labs to try to answer what is probably one of the most burning questions in the world today, How tall can a Lego tower get?

The fascination knows no bounds

Nine out of the first thirteen articles on the home page of the Daily Kardashian Mail Online were about ‘Kate and Wills’, including this bizarre piece: Is this what the Royal baby could look like? Forensic artist generates computer images of William and Kate’s future child

O Christmas Tree, O Deary Me

More than 11,000 people have signed an online petition against an abstract light installation replacing the traditional Christmas tree in Brussels city centre. And who can blame them? Abstract Christmas Tree


Not sure this is what the commenter actually meant to say in this case.

More than one way to remove the outer covering from a feline

In July, the Office of Fair Trading in the UK told 12 airlines, including budget airline Ryanair, that they should not be charging an ‘admin fee’ to people paying by debit card because it was ‘unfair’ as such cards are effectively the same as paying cash.

‘Fergie time’, myth or fact?

People talk about “Fergie time”, an extra helping of added time when Manchester United are losing, but does it really exist? This is quite an interesting article on the subject: Fergie time: Does it really exist?

Phantom island

A South Pacific island, shown on marine charts and world maps for the past decade as well as on the latest Google Maps, does not exist according to Australian scientists who have been out searching for Sandy Island. South Pacific Sandy Island ‘proven not to exist’