Skype is hiring

Yahoo may be shedding jobs but Skype, the internet video-calling business owned by Microsoft, is set to create about 400 new posts in five cities, initially looking to take on staff in London and Stockholm and then at a later stage in Tallinn (Estonia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Palo Alto in California. The new jobs would cover software engineering, product …

Yahoo to axe 2,000 jobs

Yahoo has announced the axing of 2,000 jobs, almost a seventh of its workforce, as it continues to struggle against rivals Google and Facebook. Chief Executive Scott Thompson said the cuts were an important next step towards a new, smaller, more profitable Yahoo better able to innovate.

Viewing habits

A survey from Carphone Warehouse’s Geek Squad apparently claims that sixty-eight percent of women are now using Facebook more than traditional TV guides to dictate their viewing habits. Must say it seems more than a a little hard to believe. Viewing habits

New iPad is hot stuff

There have been numerous comments and complaints that Apple’s new iPad gets hot after about thirty minutes use and the US watchdog Consumer Reports investigated claims that the new Apple iPad gets significantly hotter than previous models.

Apple wins iPad name reprieve in China

At least for the time being, Apple can continue to sell iPads in Shanghai after a court ruling over naming rights was suspended until a bigger case is heard.

Kodak to cease making digital cameras

Eastman Kodak, a company founded 133 years ago and synonymous with photography, is to stop making digital cameras, video cameras and digital picture frames.

Dutch court rules against Apple

A Dutch appeals court has rejected Apple’s claim that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes its design rights and follows a ruling last year in which a judge threw out Apple’s call for an injunction against its rival’s tablet in the Netherlands.

Google+ hits 90 million members

Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, announced that Google+ now has 90 million members, although no mention was made of how many of these are actually active on a regular basis. Since launch, more than one million Google+ Pages have been created and in excess of 3.4 billion Fphotos have been shared on the site. Facebook, which is 800 million members-strong, …

Loads more Facebook apps

Facebook is adding more than sixty new applications to let users share such things as photos, travel or fashion via their profiles, or Timeline as it is now known. Users can already share such things as the music they are listening to or news articles they are reading.

Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo!

Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, has resigned from its board. Yang founded the company in 1995 with David Filo and was its chief executive from June 2007 until January 2009.