Netflix launches in UK and Ireland

The movie and TV streaming service Netflix has launched in the UK and Ireland, although it is set to face stiff competition from online rivals, including Amazon-owned Lovefilm.

Facebook under attack

Facebook has taken measures to stop the spread of a new variety of malicious software that has so far managed to steal the login details from 45,000 users, most of them located in the UK and France.

Blackberry continues to lose market share

BlackBerry continues to lose market share in the United States, down more than three per cent, from 19.7 per cent to 16.6 per cent in the three months to the end of November as users defect to Android or iPhone. Android now has a 46.9% market share, up 3% during the period, and the iPhone now has a 28.7 per …

Getting connected

A report by Eurostat, the EU’s statistical agency, shows that more than 100 million European Union citizens have never been online. In the UK, Martha Lane Fox has been given the task of getting the 8.7 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet to go online for the first time and recently launched a campaign, part …

Trying to get people up to date

From January 2012, Internet Explorer users will be automatically updated to the latest version of the browser as Microsoft starts a project to update millions of machines to, amongst other things, improve online security.

Twitter redesign

Twitter is the latest social media platform to ring out the changes and has unveiled a new design which allows users to have a more detailed profile page and greater visibility of conversations between tweeters, giving a more similar feel to Facebook. The new layout is based around four tabs: ‘connect’, ‘discover’, ‘me’ and ‘home’.

End of Gowalla is nigh

Facebook has announced it is hiring the co-founders and other developers of Gowalla, one of the location-based “check-in” social networks. As a result, it is expected that Gowalla will close in 2012. Facebook is also opening a software engineering centre in New York as part of its strategy, its first away from the West Coast of the US.

Taking the proverbial

Boredom? Can’t even imagine anyone whose just supped ten pints spending enough time to get bored, let alone anyone else! There has to be one place you can safely go to get away from ads! Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom

YouTube revamped

YouTube is the latest Google product to undergo a significant facelift, Gmail, Docs and others having already been updated. The YouTube changes are the most comprehensive since the service began. Looks pretty good. Unfortunately, those who customised their pages, colour-wise etc, will have to go through the exercise again.

Buzz on its way out

Google Buzz, an ill-fated attempt to rival Twitter, is on its way out but users will be able to keep all their posts if they so wish. In some respects one has to admire Google for not being afraid to experiment and try new things, even if they end up being consigned to history after a relatively short period of …