“Duck on the Doyng-Doyng” from Local Writer Peny Pluma

Local writer, Peny Pluma, who currently lives in Nerja, has kindly let us publish her recent short comedy story, Duck on the Doyng-Doyng. It’s oodased on a real incident, the hilarious tale of the “Popplewells” while holidaying in the Dordogne. We gurantee a laugh. Please feel free to kindly make a comment for Peny below…   Duck on the Doyng-Doyng www.penypluma.com …

New 4G Comes to Nerja, Bringing Faster Mobile Connection and Better Coverage

The Department of New Technologies, directed by Jorge Bravo, is encouraging the different mobile operators to start offering services on the 800MHz 4G network in Nerja, which allows users to enjoy high-speed mobile connections with better coverage inside buildings and to a larger geographical area.