Fire in Alfarnate

A fire in Alfarnate, Málaga province, on Friday afternoon rapidly destroyed three hectares of land before it was smothered.

Salvador Urdiales is the new mayor of Alfarnate

Salvador Urdiales (PSOE) has been elected mayor of the small town of Alfarnate, replacing José María Ruiz Lizana who resigned on November 26th in order to move to Panama and start a family with his girlfriend.

Alfarnate mayor steps down ‘for love’

The mayor of Alfarnate, José María Ruiz Lizana (PSOE), has decided to step down and is heading to Panama to start a family with his 31-year-old Panamanian girlfriend Doris Solis.

First Axarquia PGOU’s approved

The messy situation surrounding urban development in the Axarquia is gradually being sorted but, although the Junta de Andalucia pledged that all municipalities in the district would have their PGOU’s (General Plans) approved before the May elections, only two have so far achieved this status.

Digital Health for Alfarnate and Comares

Users of the Health Centres in Alfarnate (1307 people) and Comares (724 people) can now take advantage of the Digital Health Record to obtain prescriptions and make doctor’s appointments. This can be done either on the internet or via sms messages from mobile phones.

New gym in Alfarnate

Alfarnate Council has officially inaugurated the new gymnasium in the municipality, built at a cost of €90,000 and financed by the Junta de Andalucia.

Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos in Alfarnate

Alfarnate is the only town in the Axarquia to celebrate a Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos (Festival of Moors and Christians) and yesterday was the day it happened.

Fatal accident in Alfarnate

Two women died and a third was injured in the early hours of Saturday morning when their car plunged into a small ravine near Alfarnate, Málaga province. The accident happened at around 04:10 on the MA-4103 out of Alfarnate. The injured woman is in the Carlos Haya hospital in Málaga.