Woman dies after falling down lift shaft

A grandmother died, her daughter was slightly injured and a baby suffered serious injuries after they fell down a lift shaft in a building in Almáchar, Málaga province.

Official visit to Almáchar

The vice-president of the Junta de Andalucia and Chief Executive of Local Government and Institutional Relations, Diego Valdez (UI), is making his first official visit to Almáchar today, Friday May 17th 2013. As well as holding meetings with the Council, also IU controlled, he will be visiting various completed building projects in the municipality.

€181,000 grant for Almachar

The Junta de Andalucia is providing funding of €181,000 for three projects in the municipality of Almachar, Málaga province.

Almachar approves budget for 2013

Almachar Council has approved its budget for 2013 in the amount of €2,353,175, an increase of 6.12% compared to 2012. It includes increased spending on social benefits including the ‘baby cheque’.

Almachar increases social benefits

The municipality of Almachar in Málaga province, population around 2,100, is increasing its financial aid to families who have a baby during 2013, the so-called ‘baby cheque’.

Water problems in the Benamargosa valley

Five municipalities in the Benamargosa valley have not been receiving water from Lake Viñuela since Saturday November 17th due to damage caused to pipes by the last storms. Almáchar, El Borge, Benamargosa, Cútar and Comares are the affected municipalities with a total population of around 7,000 residents.

Pablo Alborán in Almáchar

The singer Pablo Alborán will be performing in Almáchar tomorrow evening for the start of the celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Amparo. The concert starts at midnight. Tickets will be on sale from the box office from 19:00 and cost €15.