Six months prison for man who assaulted neighbour in dispute over loud music

A Court in Málaga has sentenced a man to six months in prison  and ordered him to pay two fines of €120 for entering his neighbour’s house and beating him with a stick in a dispute over loud music.

The incident took place in Almáchar in August 2011. The defendant, apparently fed up with the loud music being played by his neighbour, decided to take matters into his own hands. He entered his neighbour’s house, stick in hand, and proceeded to smash the speakers and then attack his neighbour.

The victim suffered contusions and bruising to his nose, arms and body. He required medical attention but was only off work for one day.

The defendant has also been ordered to pay compensation of €480 to the victim. The prosecution was originally demanding an eighteen month prison sentence and a fine of €3,500 but came to an agreement with the defence whereby the accused admitted the assault and avoided the necessity for a trial.

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