Feria del Queso Artesano in Antequera

The III Mercado del Queso Artesano de Cabra Malagueña (Goat Cheese Market) or Feria del Queso Artesano as it is also known takes place in Antequera on Saturday November 27th.

El Torcal observatory

The astronomical observatory in the Visitor Centre in El Torcal, Antequera, is set to open to the public either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2011 according to the provincial delegate for Environment, Remedios Martel.

Goat herders suspend protests

Goat herders in Antequera have suspended their protests until next Thursday and talks are set to resume between COAG, the agricultural association, and the companies Forlactaria and García Baquero who, between them, control 80% of the goat milk market.

Protests by goat herders

Goat herders have been carrying out protests at the premises of the two major milk companies in Andalucia, Forlactaria in Antequera and García Baquero in Jaén, accusing them of monopolising and dominating the market.

Cable thieves arrested

Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with the theft of almost two kilometres of copper cable in the Antequera region.

Industrial accident in Antequera

A man was injured yesterday after falling between five and seven metres while he was working to prune pine trees near a bridge in Los Remedios, Antequera.

Fire in Antequera

Around 50 people had to be evacuated from their homes in Antequera in the early hours of this morning after a fire in a garage.

Stolen church windows

A routine inspection of an antiques shop in Antequera by members of SEPRONA resulted in the discovery of two glass windows that were amongst seventeen removed from the San Pedro church.