Three year old dies in swimming pool accident

A three year old boy has died, possibly from drowning, at a swimming pool at a finca near a golf course in Antequera. The boy was rushed to the Hospital Comarcal in Antequera but became critically ill and died before he could be airlifted to a hospital in Málaga .

Friends of Henchidero WiFi network in Antequera

The acting Mayor of Antequera, Ricardo Millán (PSOE), has announced the Friends of Henchidero WiFi Network, providing internet access to participants in various local training programs as well as to visitors, hikers, walkers and local residents.

Carnival in Antequera

Carnival in Antequera is on March 5th, with events starting at 12:00 with a children’s party and fancy dress competition at the Paseo Real.

Antequera hunters unhappy

Hunting societies in the Antequera area have expressed their concern to the Andalucia Hunting Federation about plans by ADIF to contract a company to carry out the pest control of rabbits who have made their homes near the AVE high-speed rail lines.

Farmer suffers fifteen thefts in three years

A farmer in Antequera seems to have become a regular target for thieves with no less than fifteen robberies taking place in the past three years. In the latest incident, the farmer lost 10 lambs.

Santa Eufemia Museum in Antequera

The Antequera Commission and Santa Eufemia 2010 will be inaugurating the new Santa Eufemia Museum and an exhibition entitled ‘Santa Eufemia enin Antequera’ on Saturday December 18th at 12:00.

Goat farmers back on the warpath

The grave situation being experienced by the dairy goat farmers in the Antequera area has prompted the Unión de Pequeños Agricultores y Ganaderos (UPA) to establish a timetable of demonstrations to try and put pressure on both the government and the industry.

Sexual abuse on the streets in Antequera

The National Police in Antequera have received five complaints in the past week from young women who have reported cases of sexual abuse on the streets of the town, the offenders either touching their private parts or their bums. Two youths aged 22 years and 23 years have been arrested, one of them having been caught in the act.