Burglary gang arrested

A seven-month police investigation has led to the arrest of fifteen people allegedly responsible for at least forty burglaries throughout Andalucia.

Drugs haul in Almogia

An operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Spanish Tax Office has led to the discovery of a sophisticated marijuana plantation installed in a bullring on an estate in Almogía, Málaga province.

Eighty-four scammers arrested

The National Police have arrested 84 people in Spain in connection with the laundering of at least €11,547,000, proceeds from the scam popularly known as the ‘Nigerian Letters’ or ‘Nigerian Emails’.

Jewellery counterfeiters arrested in Córdoba

The National Police have arrested two people and charged four others in connection with the sale of counterfeit jewellery via two internet portals and in three shops in Córdoba.