Award for Nuria Fergó

The association Málaga Siglo XXI has been handing out its annual awards to individuals and institutions engaged in promoting the province and one of this years winners was local singer Nuria Fergó.

Another wine Oscar for Manuel Lozano

For the sixth consecutive time, Manuel Lozano has been chosen as the ‘best winemaker’ in the category of fortified wines, the award being presented at the International Wine Salon in London.

Local photographer nominated for award

Local Nerja photographer Serafín Castillo has been nominated for the Breakthrough Award for Wedding Photography in Europe 2014, a competition organised by the Unionweep directory and now in its fourth year.

Silver Stalactite award for Francisco Carrasco Cantos

Geologist, professor and senior member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Nerja Caves, Francisco Carrasco Cantos, has been awarded the Silver Stalactite during the IV Spanish Conference on Tourist Caves held in Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia.

Award for the Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas in Carratraca

The Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas in Carratraca has been voted the ‘Best Spa Hotel in Spain’ by the World Travel Awards organisation, the award being presented at a ceremony held in the Algarve. Another hotel in the same chain, the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Marbella recently became the first six star hotel in Andalucia.

Award for Nerja dance company

The jury at the European Feria of Performing Arts for Boys and Girls, FETEN 2012, awarded the prize for best dance performance to ‘Charlie’ by the Fernando Hurtado Company of Nerja.

Torrecilla beach retains ‘Q for Quality’ status

Torrecilla beach has once again been awarded ‘Q for Quality’ status by the Instituto de Calidad Turística Española. The award is given for a two year period. Other recipients in Nerja include Burriana beach and the Tourist Office.

Another award for Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa will collect the Award for Freedom of Expression and Human Values next Wednesday at a ceremony to be held in the Real Teatro de Las Cortes in San Fernando, Cádiz province.

Frigiliana nominated for award

The historical centre of Frigiliana, kinown as ‘Barribarto’, is a maze of narrow streets and whitewashed buildings, the architectural legacy of the Moorish culture in Spain. The Foundation Blas Infante is behind a move to award the ‘Príncipe de Asturias de la Concordia 2010’ to the descendants of the Moorish Andalucians expelled from Frigiliana in 1610.

Caves discoverers to be honoured

Things continue to move rapidly as the Council unanimously approves a motion to award recognition to the five discoverers of the Nerja Caves in 1959, an event which changed Nerja forever.