Bomb blast injury total mounts to 28

A total of 28 people have been treated for varying wounds as a result of the ETA bomb attack at the University of Navarra. Most of those injured suffered cuts and bruises as a result of flying debris and glass and are being treated in hospitals in the area. Others suffered anxiety attacks, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears …

ETA bomb attack in Tolosa

An ETA bomb exploded this morning near the courthouse in Tolosa (Guipúzcoa) causing extensive damage to buildings and cars. A warning was received by the Ayuda en Carretera (DYA) in Guipúzcoa about twenty minutes before the device exploded. Investigations so far have determined that the bomb, concealed in a backpack, contained five kilos of explosives and was placed at the …

Lucky escape

A National Police officer unknowingly drove for ten kilometres with a bomb in his car and is only alive today because the device failed to detonate.

Four bombs in Cantabria

ETA has begun its annual summer campaign, four bombs going off in Cantabria.

Bomb attack in Gordexola

A bomb attack last night caused extensive damage to the PNV headquarters in Gordexola.