Bull ‘fun’ run event turns into tragedy in Southern Spain

running bulls event spain

In this controversial yet popularized event in Cadiz, a bull is released and various organizers enter the same street and then taunt the bull in order to stir a frenzied reaction. The regular event has been known to cause injuries, occasionally fatal injuries, as in this particular incident. After being rammed by the bull, the 74 year old man was …

Bull goes for a wander

A 400 kilo bull escaped from a farm in Colmenar and went for a wander along the Carretera del Arco, the A-356, prompting fears for the safety of motorists who, at that point, could be traveling at 100 kph.

Bull kills one man, injures another

One man died and another was injured on a farm near the town of Villanueva del Río y Minas, Sevilla, when a bull being loaded into a truck managed to escape.