Thieves steal 3,000 metres of cable in Villatorres

Thieves have made off with 3,000 metres of copper wire from telephone wires, leaving around 500 residents in Villatorres. Jaén, without a connection. The local Health Centre has also been affected.

Cable theft in Coín

Thieves in Coín carefully removed the fuses and then stole lighting cable valued at €4,700 from the Sports Complex in the town according to the municipal authorities.

Cable theft in Cártama

The Council in Cártama has reported the theft of 3,000 metres of cable from the pedestrian walkway between Estación de Cártama and La Aljaima, leaving the area in the dark.


The town of Polícar, in Granada province, has been cut off from the outside world since last weekend after thieves stole a one kilometre section of telephone cable.