Calle Antonio Millón May 21st 2011

Things are still moving along in calle Antonio Millón. Both sides have now received attention with the new pipes and other bits installed.

Calle Antonio Millón May 13th 2011

A lot of activity in calle Antonio Millón during the past few days. One day it is dug up, the next day all filled in, then up it comes again. Time-wise, the roadworks should be about 50% completed.

Easter is over, dig it up again

It was obviously just a (costly) beautification exercise for the Easter weekend because calle Antonio Millón has been dug up once again.

Calle Antonio Millón April 21st

Calle Antonio Millón is suddenly looking as if we are on the homeward stretch with the roadworks, all the big holes having been filled in.

Bulldozers arrive in calle Antonio Millón

The bulldozers moved in to calle Antonio Millón on Tuesday morning, pulling down the trees and digging up the road as part of the ‘re-urbanisation’ of the street. The original intention was for the street to have more of a ‘plaza’ flavour to it, although different in character to the adjacent Plaza Tutti Frutti.