The new calle Antonio Millón…

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the ‘new’ calle Antonio Millón looks a bit ‘drab’ with everything the same grey colour and even a bit ‘tatty’ already at times.

Let there be trees

Work is currently being carried out in calle Antonio Millón to plant and stabilise trees in the ornamental boxes now lining the street. The works in the area are getting very close to completion, which will be good news for both the businesses and residents in the neighbourhood.

Calle Antonio Millón July 30th 2011

The street has been paved, the lamps are in place and the flower beds are ready for the planting of suitable blooms. Almost complete by the looks of it.

Calle Antonio Millón, July 19th 2011

The works in calle Antonio Millón are getting a bit closer to being finished now, with a large area now open for public use. The large holes, presumably for trees, have, in the meantime, been used by local revellers as impromptu rubbish bins.

Calle Antonio Millón, June 28th

The roadworks continue, the actual surface being prepared and paved at the moment. The project has so far taken 15 weeks.

Calle Antonio Millón, June 6th 2011

Twelve weeks into the reurbanisation of calle Antonio Millón and there is still a fair way to go yet, holes appearing and disappearing almost daily.