Location revealed of the biggest earning speed cameras in Malaga


Speed cameras were first brought in with the notion that it would get motorists to slow down and thus prevent accidents, however, since their introduction the number of accidents and fatalities have not gone down. There is even the argument that they actually distract drivers rather than help them. A recent survey by Safe Speed revealed that drivers look at …

Focus-free digital camera

Will this be the next big thing in digital photography? Basically, the camera captures all the information it possibly can about the field of light in front of it and you get a digital photo that is adjustable in an almost infinite number of ways. You can focus anywhere in the picture, change the light levels and, if you have a …

Man arrested for invasion of privacy

A 31 year old man has been arrested in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva, on suspicion of a crime against the right to privacy after he installed a camera inside the ‘señora’s’ facility of a local company.