Location revealed of the biggest earning speed cameras in Malaga

Speed cameras were first brought in with the notion that it would get motorists to slow down and thus prevent accidents, however, since their introduction the number of accidents and fatalities have not gone down.

There is even the argument that they actually distract drivers rather than help them. A recent survey by Safe Speed revealed that drivers look at their speedometer three times over eight seconds once they have passed a speed camera. What this means is that cameras may actually distract drivers when they should be looking at the road rather than their speedometers.

If you will be driving a car in Malaga any time soon, then it may benefit you to take note of the location of the top earning speed cameras.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has revealed that the camera at kilometre 246 on the A-7 in El Palo, in the direction of Almeria, is the third most active in Spain recording 49,520 speeding offences in 2017.

Fourth, was a camera on the same motorway in Rincon de la Victoria that captured 47,000 drivers travelling over the posted speed limit.

Completing the top five biggest earners was the much-detested camera just before the tunnel when driving towards Torremolinos from Malaga which snapped 36,741 motorists.

All three cameras are situated in areas where the posted speed limit is 80km/hr and helped the DGT collect 70€ million in speeding tickets during 2017.

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