Bar Alameda closed

Bar Alameda in calle Jaén, Nerja, has closed once more, the latest incarnation not lasting that long. A few years ago it used to be an excellent and popular tapas bar.

La Liebra closed

La Liebra in Plaza la Marina, Nerja, is closed and up for sale after a relatively short existence.

Mandarina has closed down

The popular little cafe Mandarina on the Plaza Balcón de Europa, Nerja, has closed down after seven years in operation.

Il Ritrovo closed

Looks like Il Ritrovo in Plaza la Marina, Nerja, is already up for sale. Didn’t last very long. That’s Marrakech, Burguer Homer and Il Ritrovo all biting the dust in that location in a very short space of time. Only the old Napulé managed to keep going for a reasonable time.

Maui and The Codfather remain sealed

Maui in Plaza Tutti Frutti and The Codfather on avenida Mediterraneo in Nerja both remain sealed by the Local Police, the infringements obviously not yet sorted out to the satisfaction of the authorities.

Clipper II closes

The bar Clipper II on the edge of Plaza Tutti Frutti in Nerja has closed down and the locale is up for sale.

Sinatra’s has closed

Sinatra’s Bar on calle Los Huertos, near the junction with calle Cristo, has closed down. Wonder what we’ll see there next?

Two more closures

It looks like Los Amigos on calle Chaparil and Diva’s Bar on calle Jaén have both closed down.

Los Cuñaos closed

Very sad to see one of the most iconic tapas bars in Nerja, Los Cuñaos (the through bar) on calle Herrera Oría, closed after Juan decided to call it a day. Perhaps someone will take it on but one of the problems, I’m led to believe, is the high rental cost of the premises.

End of the Cafe Cantarero?

It looks like the little cafe on Plaza Cantarero has finally decided to close, a shame. They never really recovered from losing their terrace during the long, drawn-out renovation of the square as the cafe itself is tiny and could not hold more than a few people. They had been talking about giving up for some time now.