Autopsy carried out on Mijas crocodile

An autopsy carried out on the two metre long Nile crocodile found dead near La Mairena in Mijas on April 16th showed that it died as a result of internal bleeding caused by poor digestion of a piece of foam and some stones.

Croc hunt to continue

SEPRONA, the nature wing of the Guardia Civil, has asked for the danger signs and watchtowers to remain in Mijas after a number of experts expressed doubts that the body of the crocodile found on Monday was the one for which they had actually been searching.

Mijas Council wants to stuff rogue crocodile

The lifeless body of the Nile crocodile which has been haunting the lagoons near Mijas for the past couple of months was found on Monday, and now the Council is seeking permission to have it stuffed so it can go on display as a tourist attraction.

A bad week

The French are obviously not having a good week. After rail staff sent hundreds of travellers to ‘le wrong country’, various beaches were closed to bathers after reports of a shark (turned out to be a dolphin) and a huge crocodile (turned out to be un piece of wood). Better safe than sorry, though…Le Croc…

Massacre in Alice Springs

A smiling seven year old boy has been filmed killing rare reptiles and feeding live ones to a crocodile at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia. The boy climbed over the perimeter fence and managed to avoid various sensor alarms as he went on his killing spree, battering the reptiles with stones. Others he threw over the fence to …

Thanks, cobber

Jason Grant, a worker at a remote crocodile farm south-east of Darwin (appropriately, maybe), Australia, was collecting eggs when he was seized by one of the large reptiles who then proceeded to shake him violently, as they do.