2,201 participate in Day of the Bicycle

A total of 2,201 people participated in the XXVI Day of the Bicycle – Dia del Pedal – which took place on Friday and this year coincided with the Nerja Carnival festivities.

Día del Pedal 2013

After the overnight rain and overcast skies this morning, it did not look good for the Day of the Bicycle, but it cleared up nicely and out came all the bikes. Cool in the shade but quite warm in the direct sunlight.

Day of the Bicycle in Benamocarra

Benamocarra is also celebrating Andalucia Day with a Day of the Bicycle – Dia del Pedal ‘Pepe Magañas’ – from 12:00. Thursday also sees the start of the 2013 bullfighting season with a bullfight being staged at 17:00 and including Juan Carlos Benítez, José Antonio Morales, José Antonio Lavado, José Antonio ‘El Lauri’ and with Samuel Rodríguez from the Escuela Taurina …

Day of the Bicycle in Málaga city

Sunday June 3rd is the Day of the Bicycle in Málaga city, a fun and festive event with around 8,000 people expected to participate.

Day of the Bicycle info

The new record for number of participants in the Day of the Bicycle was 2,293, beating last year’s total of 2,163. The oldest participant was 78 year old Joaquín Alonso González, the prizes for most original bike went to Garajes Cereto and Los Picapiedra and the winners of bicycles were José Casanova Padial, Serafín López Martín, Ismael López, Alejandro Álvarez Urbano, Yésica Martín …

XXIV Dia del Pedal

Tuesday February 28th is the XXIV Dia del Pedal – Day of the Bicycle, coinciding with Andalucia Day.

Dia del Pedal 2011

Monday February 28th, Andalucia Day, will see the holding of the XXIII Dia del Pedal (Day of the Bicycle), starting and finishing at the Balcon de Europa.