One million euro investment to be made in Nerja’s health and education facilities

The president of the PP of Malaga, Elías Bendodo has announced that there will be an investment of 1,179,000 euros from the COVID Funds into the town of Nerja. The investment aims to improve the health and educational facilities in Nerja, with the building of a new Health Centre and improvements to El Chaparil Institute for education. Bendodo said that …

Strike call by teaching unions

The five teaching unions – CCOO, ANPE, CSIF, STES and UGT –  have called a national day of industrial action on May 22nd to protest at government plans to cut expenditure on education.

Government suspends teacher recruitment in Andalucia

The Central Government has submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court of Andalucia relating to the recruitment announcement for teachers in Andalucia on the grounds that it violates an executive decree prohibiting the recruitment of new staff in essential services.

Health and education next on the savings list

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy held a surprise meeting with his economic team and has announced plans to save another €10 billion through the rationalization, elimination of duplication and increased efficiency in the management of the health and education services.

Education Councillor meets with provincial delegate for Education

The Councillor for Education and Culture, Gema García, has met with the provincial delegate for Education to put the case forward for various repairs to the electrical systems in several schools in the municipality, such things being the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucia.

New rules proposed to reinforce the authority of teachers

The Ministry of Education in Andalucía is set to take over the regulation of scholastic centres with regard to such things as uniforms and the permitted use or not of mobile phones, although the final decision will rest with the boards of the individual schools.