Government suspends teacher recruitment in Andalucia

The Central Government has submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court of Andalucia relating to the recruitment announcement for teachers in Andalucia on the grounds that it violates an executive decree prohibiting the recruitment of new staff in essential services.

On February 13th 2012, the Andalucian Ministry of Education announced a selection process for 2,389 places for non-university teaching staff. According to the Government, this contravenes the limitations set by the Royal Decree 20/2011 for Offers of Employment for Public Services in 2012.

On April 12th, the State Council agreed that the regional order does not respect the limits set by the Royal Decree and therefore suffers from unconstitutionality by ignoring the basic law applicable to all public authorities.

The matter will now be decided by the Constitutional Court and in the meantime, the regional order by the Ministry of Education is suspended.

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