School forced to scrap ‘bring your own loo roll’ scheme

The directors of the CEIP Manuel Siurot school in La Palma del Condado, Huelva, have been forced to backtrack after their circular requesting pupils to provide €5 for photocopying expenses and one toilet roll at the beginning of each month met with numerous protests.

Mole hunt

The UK Government is still apparently spending around £5,000 a day of taxpayer money trying to find the mole who leaked details of the parliamentary expense claims. The new Speaker, John Bercow, has vowed to stop this blatant waste of public money, saying that it has gone on long enough.

About sums it up

Excellent comment from someone in the papers concerning the MP’s expenses debacle: The decent thing would be to resign – Oh sorry forgot he’s New Labour – Two fingers to the the electorate then!

Ho, Ho, Ho, wind them up and watch them go

Lord Foulkes and TV presenter Carrie Gracie in ‘conversation’ about MP’s expense claims. Maths is obviously not considered essential for politicians.