Caleta de Vélez agree an ERTE

Around 90% of the fishing fleet based in Caleta de Vélez have agreed to invoke the ERTE (Expediente de Regulación Temporal de Empleo – Temporary Regulation of Employment) in order to preserve fish stocks and guarantee the future of the fisheries.

Rescued after 32 days adrift

Two sailors have been rescued near Tenerife after being adrift in their small fishing boat for 32 days; The two men, a Spaniard and a Moroccan, went fishing off the coast of Huelva in their small boat. Their engine broke down and they ended up drifting aimlessly for a toral of 32 days.

Crisis in the fishing industry

Spanish fishermen are protesting about the price of diesel and in Madrid they are giving away 20 tons of fish as part of their action.