Iberia cancels 138 flights for Monday

Iberia has cancelled 138 flights scheduled for Monday, 72 national and 66 international, due to the continuing strike action by SEPLA pilots who object to the setting up of the low cost airline Iberia Express.

Iberia flight cancellations for the coming week

Iberia has cancelled 146 flights for today, 8 in Andalucia, and 148 have been cancelled for Friday April 13th and 152 for Monday April 16th as the strike action by SEPLA pilots continues. The Iberia website is keeping people up to date with flight information, otherwise the number to call is 902 100 988.

Iberia cancels 131 flights today as strikes continue

Today, Wednesday, is the twelfth day of continuing industrial action by SEPLA pilots in protest at Iberia’s plan to set up a low-cost airline, Iberia Express. Iberia have cancelled 131 flights today, 10 of them in Andalucia.

Flight cancellations due to Portuguese general strike

A general strike in Portugal today, Wednesday November 24th, has caused the cancellation of virtually all the fifty daily flights between Barajas and the Portuguese airports of Lisbon and Oporto. Iberia have cancelled 12 flights, TAP have cancelled 16, EasyJet 6 and Ryanair 2.

French strike causes flight cancellations

A dozen flights in an and out of Andalucia and a total of forty-eight flights nationwaide have had to be cancelled as a result of industrial action in France.

More flights cancelled

A total of 1,330 flights have now been cancelled for today between Spain and Northern Europe due to the continuing problems with volcanic ash hovering over much of Europe.

Flight cancellations

A total of 708 flights in and out of Spain to Northern Europe have so far been cancelled today due to the situation with the volcanic ash from Iceland. As many as 1,300 could end up being cancelled if today follows the pattern of the past couple of days.

Flight cancellations in Madrid

Snow, ice and fog caused the cancellation of 137 flights in and out of Madrid’s Barajas airport this morning and many other flights suffered long delays. There have been numerous complaints from passengers about a distinct lack of information from airport staff about cancellations and delays, the Guardia Civil having to intervene at one point to calm down angry travellers.

Weather causing flight cancellations in Madrid

A total of 131 flights have so far had to be cancelled at Madrid-Barajas airport this morning due to the adverse weather conditions, with 67 outgoing and 64 incoming flights affected.