Cheaper gas as from today

A bit of good news for a change, the price of a 12.5kg bottle of Butano gas goes down by 5% as from today, Tuesday, to €13.42.

Butane gas and electricity prices go down tomorrow

The TUR – Tariff of Last Resort – will decrease by an average of 2.29% as from tomorrow, October 1st 2012, bringing slightly lower electricity costs to around 20 million users.

Gas and electric goes up on Sunday

Sunday July 1st sees the cost of electricity rise by an average of 3.95% and the cost of natural gas rise by an average of 2.26%. The previous increase was in April, with electricity up by 7% and gas by 5%.

Electricity up 7%, gas up by 5%

On Saturday the Official State Gazette (BOE) published details of the decree requiring the cost of the electricity system to be reduced and today, April 1st, the price to the consumer has increased by 7%.

New Year price check

The new year begins with a number of price increases, although users of the butano gas bottles can heave a sigh of relief as the price of those has been frozen for the first quarter at a maximum of €15.09 for a 12.5 litre bottle.

Gas prices to go up tomorrow

It will come as no great, or even minor, shock that the price of gas, both natural and bottled, is set to rise again tomorrow, October 1st.

July 1st – Price Hike Day

Tomorrow is July 1st and most of us will begin to feel a little poorer as IVA goes up, natural gas prices go up and the price of butane gas bottles also increases. Electricity prices are not going up tomorrow, but it won’t be long.

Natural gas prices set to rise

The price of natural gas is set to rise as from July 1st. The Tariff of Last Resort (TUR) T2 will increase by 8.1%, T1 by 7% and T3 by 9.3%. These increases do not take into account the rise in IVA (VAT) from 18% to 20%, also effective July 1st.

Electricity up, gas down

The new Tarifa de Ultimo Recurso (TUR) – Tariff of Last Resort – for electricity is set to rise by 2% on Wednesday July 1st. It means that the average consumer will see an extra €0,70 on their monthly electricity bill. The cost of natural gas, on the other hand, is set to go down by an average of €1.90 …