‘Imminent’ opening of the Nerja History Museum

The Council is due to approve the hiring of staff and ticket prices for the Nerja History Museum at its plenary session on Tuesday, a foregone conclusion with an absolute majority, which will pave the way for the ‘imminent’ opening of the museum to the public.

Museum ‘open day’

The likelihood of a new round of pre-election party political rhetoric looks exceedingly high after an announcement by the manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Ángel Ramírez, that he intends to hold an ‘open day’ at the Nerja History Museum this coming Friday.

Museum could open in April

Work on equipping the Nerja History Museum is proceeding in a timely fashion according to the manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Ángel Ramírez, and could possibly open in April if the Council grants an opening license.

Final phase of museum project could begin in October

If all goes to plan and there are no more party political interruptions, the contract for the equipping of the Nerja History Museum should be finalised before the end of this month and work could begin in October.

Councillor for Education and Culture calls for museum funding

Since the management of the Nerja Caves Foundation passed to the Opposition PSOE leader Angel Ramírez and the Town Hall ceased to receive its 10%, there has been much posturing, party political bickering and now, calls for Ramirez to cease as manager of the Foundation.

Nerja History Museum, a step closer to completion?

The new Nerja History Museum could be included in the Red de Espacios Culturales de la Comunidad (Network of Cultural Spaces) in 2010 which would unlock the door to applications for official grants and financial aid and finally allow for the completion of the project.

Nerja History Museum

The new Nerja History Museum is to become part of the Red de Espacio Museísticos de la Junta de Andalucía (Network of Museum Spaces of Andalucía), a move which will open various possibilities for assistance with the project.