Two deaths from Influenza A

Two people have died as a result of the Influenza A virus, one in Jérez and another in Málaga.

Influenza A and the cold

The slightly cooler weather during the past week has seen a doubling of the number of cases of Influenza A in Málaga province, although it remains below the average infection rate for Andalucia.

Flu jabs start today

Today sees the start of voluntary vaccinations against Influenza A  for those considered to be in the ‘risk group’ in Andalucia.

Influenza A vaccination to begin in November

November 16th has been agreed as the date when vaccination against Influenza A will begin throughout Spain, although there could still be slight variations in some regions.

100 cases of flu at Málaga school

One hundred pupils at the colegio Julio Caro Baroja in Málaga are currently reported to be at home recovering from Influenza A.

First Influenza fatality in Almería

A nine year old girl has died at the Torrecárdenas hospital in Almería as a result of complications arising from infection with the HiN1 Influenza A virus, the first fatality in the province.

Influenza A fatality in Málaga

A 46 year old woman died yesterday morning at the Hospital Clínico Universitario in Málaga as a direct result of infection with the Influenza A virus, that is to say there were no prior pathological illnesses involved.

Nerja and Influenza A

The Nerja Council is working on measures to prevent infection with the Influenza A virus municipality and is preparing a set of guides and pamphlets for distribution.