Olive oil production in Jaén down by 70%

Production of denomination of origin extra virgin olive oil in Jaén has fallen by 70%. The three denominations, Mágina, Segura and Cazorla, will market about five million litres of the best virgin olive oil, around 70% down on last season.

Castle for sale in Jaén

Anyone looking to buy a castle, look no further. There is a for sale sign on the XV century castle overlooking Bedmar, Jaén.

Pub owner recorded women using the bathroom

A pub owner in Cazorla, Jaén, was in the dock today on charges of placing cameras in the bathroom to record clients as they went about their business. He also had 148 files of images stored on his computer.

Elderly couple found dead at their home in Peal de Becerro, Jaén

Guardia Civil officers this morning found the bodies of two elderly people at their home in calle Coronel Navajos in Peal de Becerro, Jaén. The body of the woman, aged 73 years, showed signs of violence and the man, aged 77 years, was found hanged. The incident is under investigation by the Judicial Police.

Young girl dies from toxic fumes in Andújar

A 14 year old girl died and her younger sister is in a critical condition in hospital as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide fumes at their home in Avenida de América in Andújar, Jaén province.

Fatal fire in Martos, Jaén

An 89 year old woman died early on Sunday afternoon following a fire at her home in calle Pastrana in Martos, Jaén province.

Three month old baby abandoned in coffeeshop in Jaén

Police in Jaén are looking for the father who abandoned his three month old son in a coffee shop in the Peñamefécit district of the city. The mother is in police custody awaiting a court hearing and the toddler and his 5 year old sister are now under the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucia.

Redundancy negotiations in Martos, Jaén

Negotiations are taking place today between the management of the company Eldon in Martos, Jaén, and the unions to improve the redundancy payments to the 74 employees being laid off as the company moves its operations to Rumania.