Jellyfish ahoy

There were plenty of jellyfish lurking along the Málaga coast over the weekend, the authorities removing 3,900 kilos of the stinging critters. From Saturday to Monday, 1,199 people required assistance or treatment as a result of coming into contact with jellyfish.

Spineless drifters

They may be spineless drifters, but in the best possible taste. Fascinating to watch if you are snorkelling, although not toooo close, and some of them really are beautiful 14 most Beautiful Jellyfish

Vélez-Málaga beaches open again

The Local Police in Vélez-Málaga have removed the signs and tape discouraging people from walking along the beach or swimming after the detection of a number of dangerous jellyfish on Tuesday.

Jellyfish in Almayate

Around twenty jellyfish were washed ashore yesterday on the beach in Almayete and Civil Protection cordoned off the area as a precautionary measure to prevent possible injury to anyone walking along the beach.


Officials from the Institute of Marine Sciences are asking people to be extra careful when bathing as a number of jellyfish (Portuguese Man o War – Physalia Physalis) were spotted off the coasts of Málaga and Cádiz during March.