Invasion of the jellyfish on the Costa Del Sol

Beachgoers have been told to be on the lookout for jellyfish after a plague of the mauve stingers arrived on the Costa del Sol. So far 11 tons of the creatures have been removed from the sand stretching between Torremolinos and Mijas and east of Malaga as far as Nerja.   The mass influx is believed to be due to …

Jellyfish App

As the saying goes, ‘there is an App for that’. There is an application available with information relating to jellyfish for all beach resorts in Málaga province.

Beware of jellyfish

The temperature of the sea has led to an influx of jellyfish along the coast of Nerja, so do take care when swimming.

Everyone enjoying the calm sea…

Absolutely glorious day…flat calm sea…was 28 degrees plus…and quite a few (20+) of these off El Playazo beach.

Looks like an alien…

No more bears on the beach or bares in the hills lately, but this guy did put in an appearance on El Playazo beach.

Jellyfish in Almuñecar

Jellyfish have been appearing on the beaches of Almuñecar since Thursday, which is earlier than is normal. Of more concern is that several of those recovered by beach cleaning staff are Portuguese Man O’ War, hitherto unknown on the Granada coast.

The occasional stinger…

There was the odd stray jellyfish about today. These people spotted one as they were in the water at Calahonda beach this afternoon and someone collected it in a bucket and took it to show his mates.

Jellyfish alert

Beautifully flat calm sea out there today but the yellow flags are out as a warning that there are jellyfish about. Most are about 50 metres or more offshore, but not all by any means so do take care if bathing.

Jellyfish are still on the prowl

Herds of jellyfish returned on Friday to haunt many beaches along the Costa del Sol, including Nerja, Vélez-Málaga and Estepona, with the yellow flags being flown as a warning. Bathing at La Rada beach in Estepona was ‘discouraged’ all day due to the number of stingers present in the waters.