Sounds good

‘To California’, coming soon to a dictionary near you. But what does it actually mean? I’ll plump for ‘to redecorate’, sounds plausible.

Keeping up traditions

The Mail Online kept up its own tradition of not checking headlines.

Duuh DM, it’s called an ‘entertainment’ programme for a reason

It’s another Top Gear FAKE: Stunt where presenters ‘infuriate’ riverside diners with trail of chaos in home-made hovercraft was choreographed with actors Despite being so obviously fake, it would seem that the DM team were completely taken in as usual, although not their readers judging by comments. Just wait until they find out that Wallace and Gromit didn’t actually go …


From the Mail Online:

The fascination knows no bounds

Nine out of the first thirteen articles on the home page of the Daily Kardashian Mail Online were about ‘Kate and Wills’, including this bizarre piece: Is this what the Royal baby could look like? Forensic artist generates computer images of William and Kate’s future child