Out and About, August 18th 2013…

Can’t get bored with ‘Y Viva España’ and ‘When the Saints…’ being played by each and every accordion player. Same everywhere, no different in Torrox, Ronda…Pity there is no variety when it comes to street musicians these days with the general ‘ban’ on busking.

Midday tapas at Candela

Candela is located in Plaza Cavana and has a nice terrace on the square. Good relaxing location, service is prompt, the beer is cold and the tapas are a very reasonable size. A bit pricey at €1.90 for a small beer but then again, it is in what you would classify as a prime ‘touristy’ location.

Stroll through Plaza Cavana…

Plaza Cavana always gets a good crowd and the new MarBella, which replaced Casa Luque, seems to be doing quite well. It has added some barrel tables immediately outside the entrance.

More ashtrays

Ashtrays have been installed on some of the rubbish bins in town, Plaza Cavana being one of those locations. Beaches also now have disposable eco-ashtrays available.

Square dancers…

A very different, interesting and entertaining diversion in Plaza Cavana this afternoon with a smartly attired couple dancing to the accompaniment of a (not-so smartly dressed) guitarist.

A load of bollards

The ornamental cubes in Plaza Cavana have now been replaced by slightly less ornamental bollards.

Not slow to take advantage…

No cubes to possibly fall over now in Plaza Cavana, just have to watch out that no-one is backing into the pedestrian only square!

Good call…

A lot of people not falling over in Plaza Cavana today so the decision to remove the ornamental marble cubes must have been the right call. Especially for motorists who can now illegally park without damaging their doors. Maybe it was motorists who complained in the first place.

Ornamental cubes being removed from Plaza Cavana

Apparently as a result of requests by local residents, the Council has begun removing the ornamental marble cubes in Plaza Cavana. It would appear that people had the habit of falling over them.