Young boy dies at San Isidro ski station

A 9 year old boy from Vigo died on Saturday afternoon at the San Isidro ski station in Puebla de Lillo, León, after apparently straying from the designated ski area. He suffered a fall and hit his head on some rocks.

San Isidro celebrations to remain at Nerja Caves site

The manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Ángel Ruiz, has stated that Romeria de San Isidro will continue to be held in the grounds of the Nerja Caves. The previous management of the Foundation had stated on a number of occasions that a new site had be found.

San Isidro 2012 prize winners

The prizes in the various categories for the Romería de San Isidro will be presented at midday on May 19th in the Town Hall. The lucky winners were:

San Isidro 2012 – programme of events and other info

The colourful and highly popular Romeria de San Isidro (all about St Isidore the farmer, 1070 to 1130) takes place on May 14th and 15th with the procession from the Balcón de Europa to the Nerja Caves on the 15th.

Licence applications for San Isidro

Individuals or associations wishing to apply for licences for ox carts, bars, hamburger stands, ice cream stands etc for San Isidro can now do so at the Town Hall. The deadline for applications is May 5th.

British tourist donates San Isidro photos

British tourist Mike Crowther has donated hundreds of photos, some of them quite large, of the recent San Isidro celebrations. The photos are on display on the second floor of the Town Hall and anyone appearing in any of the photos is free to take that photo away, free of charge.

Bad idea…

Not sure why anyone would want to move the site of the San Isidro celebrations from the Nerja Caves area. Granted it is not a state of the art ‘celebration centre’ but it seems perfectly adequate, has a relaxed atmosphere being a rustic setting and is a good distance from the town for the ‘pilgrimage’.

14,000 at San Isidro

After announcing that around 14,000 people attended this year’s Romeria de San Isidro, the Councillor for Popular Traditions, Charo Villasclaras, expressed sadness to hear that during the festivities, the Manager of the Caves Foundation announced on Tele Nerja that if he is elected mayor he will seek to move the festival from its current location at the Nerja Caves.

San Isidro prize winners

There were a total of twenty cash prizes awarded at this year’s San Isidro festival and the winners in the various categories were: