Fire on industrial estate in Santiponce, Sevilla

A fire on the Los Olivos industrial estate in Santiponce, Sevilla, on Monday night resulted in damage to twelve warehouses and the precautionary evacuation of around forty residents in the area.

Protest against unpaid debts

Two thousand children in sixty-two municipal nursery and primary schools in Sevilla were without a meal service on Monday as those responsible for the centres decided to take industrial action to try and force the Junta de Andalucia to pay its debts.

Girl seriously injured after seven metre fall

A 23-year-old Polish girl who was visiting Sevilla is in a very serious condition in hospital after losing her balance and falling seven metres while trying to take a photo.

Snake on a street

A man has been charged after the discovery of a highly venomous female Albino Monocled Cobra on a street in Sevilla.