Keeping up the pressure

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has once again been in Madrid to try and instigate some sort of action relating to the proposed sewage plant for Nerja.

Still no money for sewage plant

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo,, met last week in Madrid with several officials to discuss the proposed sewage plant and was apparently informed that, despite all the pre-election rhetoric by the previous government, absolutely nothing had been done towards putting the project out to tender.

Request to new government to get sewage plant project started

At the next full meeting, the Counil intends to propose yet another motion requesting the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs to get on with the proposed sewage plant for the town, although this time the request will be addressed to the new central government of the Partido Popular.

Yet another promise of ‘priority’ status

The PP senate candidate for Málaga, Joaquín Ramírez, has visited Nerja and announced that, should his party win the general election, the Nerja sewage plant will be a ‘priority’ as Nerja is the only major town on the Costa del Sol without such a facility.

Yet another request to start the sewage plant project

Full marks to the Council for persistence, approving yet another motion requesting the urgent start of the sewage plant project. No marks for timing, during a general election campaign. A copy of this latest request is also being sent to the Commonwealth of Communities of the Axarquia, Málaga Provincial Council, Employer Associations, local Unions and the Sanitation Forum.

Algeciras sewage plant should be commissioned today

The new sewage plant in Algeciras, which took four years to build and cost €37 million, is expected to start functioning today after the contract for the electricity supply is finalised. The treatment plant is designed to serve a population of up to 212,000.

Sewage plant project stalled yet again

According to the Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, the bidding process for the sewage treatment plant has once again been halted, this time due to economic and budgetary problems facing the central government.

Another missive to the Ministry

The Council has once again sent a petition to the Ministry of Environment to request them to get a move on with the tendering process for the sewage works which, according to a statement made in May by the Minister, Rosa Aguilar, would take place in July.

No progress on sewage plant project

The municipal spokesman, José Miguel García, has described the situation regarding the proposed sewage plant in Nerja as ‘worrying’ following a meeting on Tuesday with the Ministry of Environment.

‘Clear commitment’ from the central government

The Minister of Environment, Rosa Aguilar, yesterday reiterated the central government’s ‘clear commitment’ to building a sewage plant in Nerja and added that, come what may, the plant will be completed by 2015. She added that bidding for the €40.9 million project is scheduled to start in July (2011, we assume).