Another meaningless announcement

The Minister of Environment of the Junta de Andalucia, José Juan Díaz Trillo, yesterday reiterated that the proposed treatment plant in Nerja would cost €40.7 million and serve a population of 100,000, facts already known by one and all, but made no mention of when proceedings might actually start.

Sewage plant location…

The proposed sewage treatment plant for Nerja, talked about (and little else done about it) for over forty years is an emotive subject. The fact that a tourist town of this size is without a treatment plant defies belief, especially when you consider that the population triples during the summer months.

Opposition PSOE criticise Mayor’s compensation plan

As was to be expected, the Opposition PSOE leader in Nerja, Ángel Ramírez, has criticised the Mayor’s decision to ask the Ministry of Environment to allocate savings made on the sewage plant project for the purpose of paying compensation to local landowners as a result of a court ruling.

Rocking the boat

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, is intending to ask the Central Government to pay the one million euro compensation to a local landowner in relation to the expropriation of land for the proposed sewage works.

Sewage plant environmental report favourably received

The Ministry of Environment has ‘favourably received’ the new environmental impact study relating to the proposed waste treatment plant in Nerja, the next step being to actually put the contract for the sewage plant out to tender.

Optimism on sewage plant project

According to a statement by the Mayor of Nerja, the Junta de Andalucia has now completed its administrative proceedings relating to the proposed sewage plant in Nerja and the file has been passed to the Ministry of Environment for the preparation of an environmental impact report.

The endless saga continues

At the plenary session of the Nerja Council on Friday, the Mayor commented that despite two recent confirmations by the Minister of Environment, José Juan Díaz Trillo, that the contract for the sewage plant would be put out to tender before the end of the tenth month, nothing has actually happened.

Latest sewage plant announcement

According to the latest announcement by the Minister of Environment of the Junta de Andalucia, José Juan Díaz Trillo, the contract for the sewage plant will be put out to tender ‘before the end of October’.

New sewage plant project published in the Official Gazette

For the second time in four decades, the plans for the proposed sewage plant in Nerja have been posted in the Official Provincial Gazette. It is at this stage that objections can be made, as they were on the last occasion nearly two years ago.