Bad weather claims four lives

The bad weather has so far claimed the lives of four people as storms lashed the coastal areas. Waves up to nine metres high have been lashing the coastal areas, sinking boats and causing severe flooding in some areas, and five mountain passes are closed due to heavy snows. Snow chains are required in a further thirty-five passes.

Storm incidents

Three people suffered minor injuries this morning when a tree fell on a bus in Plaza del Duque, Sevilla. The injured were transferred to various hospitals in the city. In Cádiz province, one person had to be rescued from a fishing boat this morning which was adrift near Algeciras. One would have to question the sanity of anyone going out …

Storms cause havoc

Storms and heavy rains have been causing havoc all over the country. In Madrid, one woman has died as a result of the storms. The woman, aged between 50 years and 60 years, appears to have suffered a panic or anxiety attack which caused her to leave her home in Coslada with the result that she was swept aeay by …

Storms leave a trail of damage

The storms yesterday, which moved along the coast from Málaga to Granada, left a trail of damage throughout the province.