Storms damage strawberry crops in Huelva

The weekend storms and high winds have caused damage to the strawberry and raspberry greenhouses in Huelva, some of the structures being blown down to expose the crops. The damage will be assessed during the next few days but initial estimates put the cost at around €500,000.

Robot strawberry picker in Huelva

A robot specifically designed for collecting ‘industrial strawberries’ in Huelva province is expected to be operational next spring.

Strawberry Fields in Huelva

The strawberry planting is under way in Huelva province, with between 8,000 and 10,000 jobs available for Spanish nationals/residents.

Bit too far to go

Strawberries may be €2 per kilo in Huelva, but in Nerja they are €5 per kilo!!!

Fears for Huelva strawberry crop

Two months of persistent rain in Huelva is not looking promising for the strawberries in the province. Rain has already delayed the start of the harvest by twenty days and as a result, the crops could be hit by disease. A common enemy of the strawberry is botrytis and high humidity makes the plants particularly vulnerable. There are products to …

Falling sales

They apparently improve your mood, reduce stress and help us to fight diseases, but sales are dropping as a result of the current economic crisis. And they are?