Vagrant arrested on suspicion of murder

National Police officers in Cádiz have detained a 54 year old vagrant, a German national, on suspicion of being the killer of a 71 year old man whose body was found at his home on August 4th.

Youth charged with murder in Huelva

A 17 year old youth has been charged with the murder of Pedro Martínez Cardona, a vagrant in Huelva who used to sell flowers on the streets of the city.

Killer of Huelva vagrant could be a minor

The police investigation into the death of a vagrant on the streets of Huelva on Thursday afternoon appears to suggest that the alleged killer was a 17 year old minor. The vagrant, who for many years slept in alleyways at night and sold flowers on the streets during the day, was killed by a severe blow to the head in …

17 years prison for youths who set fire to vagrant

The two youths who set fire to a vagrant in Barcelona in 2005 have been sentenced to 17 years in prison. Rosario Endrinal, a vagrant who had taken to sleeping in the cabin of an ATM machine at the Caixa bank, was doused in petrol by Oriol Plana, Ricard Pinilla and Juan José M.R., a minor at the time of …