In with the gorillas

Damian Aspinall has taken the brave step of releasing a twenty year old video showing his then 18 month old daughter Tansy playing quite happily with some gorillas at his Howlett’s Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. There will, of course, be the inevitable and usual division of opinions between ‘it’s a wild animal, after all’ and ‘aw, how cute’.


Cute video of a kitten and a puppy getting on like a house on fire.

30 minutes with King Alfonso…

As an experiment for my first attempt at time-lapse I set up a camera by the statue of King Alfonso on the Balcón de Europa. This is what happened during a thirty minute period on Sunday morning, all visible in 33 seconds.

Nellie the Sea Otter

Nellie the Sea Otter lives at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington and has been well-trained, and seems to enjoy her playtime.