Day of the Cross video…

And here is a short video of the choir on the Balcón de Europa during the Day of the Cross celebrations.

Big bun

Following in mum’s tradition, son Darius has been proclaimed the biggest bun in the world. Cute chap with quite an appetite.

Mixing magic and technology

Not the New York accent one is normally used to hearing but an interesting video nonetheless. ‘Cyber-illusionist’ Marco Tempest reveals his tricks

Capitán Truxton video clip recorded in Nerja

The latest video offering from Capitán Truxton, entitled ‘Melinda’, was recorded in Nerja last September by Emefilms. The recordings took place on the Balcon de Europa, Carabeo, calle Pintada, calle Gloria and calle Puerta del Mar. Continue reading to see the video.

Flying penguins

A couple of penguins were allowed to have a wander down the aisle during a flight in the USA after the pilot asked if anyone was allergic to birds.