Nerja tourist attraction grows in popularity again.

This cultural attraction gained 60% on their ticket sales in 2016, and move forward with a hope of maintaining the upward trend this year, thanks in part to its graphic and detailed displays at the museum. The Nerja Caves Museum, inaugurated in 2011, was in need of expansion and has been extended and improving its image each year. According to the records of visitors, there has been a large footfall growth from the previous year. The museum that is growing in popularity, offers information about the fascinating past of Nerja Caves, how they were discovered and its intriguing history of past civilizations that settled in Nerja. There are also archaeological findings and human remains on display, possibly dating back thousands of years that were found in the caves. Since the touristic train was initiated in July 2015 connecting and improving the transit of visitors between the Nerja caves and the museum, an increase of visitors registered during practically all the months last year with notable increase of 166% during the months of November and December. It is thought that this increase is due to the expanded activity program within the museum itself. The director of the museum, Juan Bautista Salado feels confident that the six variety of activities including workshops,concerts, conferences, theatrical representations, book presentations and competitions will serve as an incentive in 2017 to be an excellent tourist attraction with an increase to the number of visitors again each year.

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