Nerja tourists welcomed by equivilant temperatures of an English Summer

Holiday makers flocked to the beaches on the Costa Del Sol last weekend with temperatures reaching up to 28C. Locals and visitors welcomed the warmth after a very rainy start to March. According to the Spanish weather agency, Granada, Cordoba & Seville were the hottest cities and locals spotted their thermometers reaching 30C in some areas. Nerja was a pleasant 26 degrees and with a higher 'real feel'. What will the weather be like for those arriving on holiday this week to Nerja? It's a mixed bag unfortunately. Locals say that in some areas, the ground needs more rainfall and some showers are expected for the remainder of the month, with temperatures dropping back to 'normal'. A few colder days are expected and may drop below 15 degrees but warmer days averaging somewhere between 18-21 degrees. The good news is, although it's a colder start to this morning, there appears to be more sunny days forecast than showers for the next couple of weeks, giving you many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities on your holiday!

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