Burriana bars all set and ready for summer as usual

Nerja council has once again extended the catering concessions for Burriana bars for the eighth time. Last November, the town hall announced a change to the licences it issues and stated that they would not be automatically renewed as they once were and that requirements were to be met before any decision was taken. Burriana beach, in Nerja, is home to some of the most famous chiringuitos, or beach bars/ restaurants, in the Malaga Province. The last time they were officially awarded long term concessions was in 1999, which was for a period of 10 years even though many of these establishments have been in business for 50 years. Some popular restaurants near the beach front have been open all year round to cater for the holiday makers that arrive regularly in Nerja even in the quieter season. Many returning visitors will be pleased to see their favourite bars and dining places open as usual to welcome them on their next holiday.
  1. Burriana toilets still do not have soap,toilet paper and hand dryers do not work.visited in march after complaining in Feb.still the same.I pointed out that these toilets are used by restaurant clients.How can Burriana beach claim to be blue flag status with disgusting toilets like these.Will be there in early June hope to see great improvement then.

  2. Pedalo Girl says:

    I didn’t think Burriana had Blue Flag status any more? Most bars and restaurants there now have their own WC facilities.

  3. Chris Brown says:

    Make you right! Not changed in over 20 years that we know of..The Council needs to wake up & take notice..theres a lot of competition out there & people will just go elsewhere!!!

  4. Chris Davies says:

    The toilet thing is disappointing. €100,000 per year would be enough for 21st century facilities, that equates to €80 per week per business, not much to ask.

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