Nerja looks to the future

The Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza (CMA), part of the Ministry of Environment, has agreed in principle to the ceding of two untapped wells to the Nerja Council.

Although Nerja is assured of short and medium term water supplies, the Council is keen to have something in reserve in case of a prolonged drought and had asked for use of two wells located in the Rio Cillar area.

The original surveys were carried out in 1992 during the last major drought and the two wells have remained untapped ever since. One of the wells is fully equipped and ready for connection to the local water network, the other is channelled but lacks the connection mechanism. The two wells have a capacity of 100 litre of water per second.

The Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza is now asking the Council to submit a written request for a meeting with the technicians to discuss the terms of the agreement.

The Nerja Council is intending that these wells be kept in reserve and only used in the case of a prolonged drought. In the short term, the Council does not rule out the possibility of imposing water restrictions rather than tap into the reserves.

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