A good deed

A 68 year old woman and her bulging purse were happily reunited yesterday thanks to a local tissue seller.

A 24 year old Nigerian man, who scrapes a living by selling tissues at traffic lights in the city, found the purse on the road. Seeing a police patrol car passing, he handed in the purse without even looking to see what was inside.

The police checked the contents and informed 24 year old Dom Amby that it contained €2,700 in cash and a cheque for €870. Apparently, Dom Amby told the police that the thought of money never even crossed his mind when he saw the purse on the ground.

He added that, had he known and been tempted to take it, it might have made him happy in the short term but would have haunted him for the rest of his life.

The grateful owner, who thinks the purse fell out of her bag when she was on her moped, not only expressed her thanks to Dom Amby but also gave him €50.

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