Two attempted sexual assaults at Málaga feria

Two youths, aged 15 years and 17 years, have been detained in Málaga on suspicion of robbery and the attempted sexual assault of a woman who was walking home, alone, from the feria.

It was just after 04:00 when a security guard notified the Local Police that he had seen two youths dragging a girl into an alley. The police arrived on the scene to investigate and the sound of screams led them to calle Sanhedún in the El Copo area.

The police found one youth holding the girl and the other in the process of undoing his trousers and both were duly arrested. The victim, a 27 year old woman, had suffered cuts and bruises on her arms and legs and was transferred to the Hospital Materno for treatment.

It all apparently began as a robbery. The woman was walking home from the feria when two youths approached her in calle Juan Gris and snatched her bag which contained €20.

When the woman tried to phone the police, the youths then grabbed her mobile, threw her to the ground and then dragged her off into an alley.

When arrested, one of the youths had a €20 note in his pocket, the amount the woman had said had been stolen.

About an hour after this incident, another case of attempted sexual assault was reported in the area near the feria. The victim was a 17 year old girl who was taken to the Hospital Materno for treatment. IOn this case the assailant was not located.

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